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Friday, April 9, 2010

Julian Lennon - Los Angeles 1/5/85

Julian Lennon, 1989

Julian Lennon, 1989

This is a show from May 1985 on the Valotte tour. Some songs would later be recorded for his second album The Secret Value of Daydreaming. Saved from Guitars 101.

01-Say You're Wrong
02-Ok For You
03-On The Phone
05-Let me tell you
07-Stick Around
08-Big Mama
09-Stand by Me
10-Too Late For Goodbyes
11-It Won't Be Long
12-Day Tripper
"Well I Don't Know" what happened to that track!

Bonus tracks

13-Day After Day (live on Leno)
16-Big Mama
17-Too Late for Goodbyes (extended version)


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