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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1964 the Tribute - Not Beatlemaniamania but an Incredible Simulation (Review)

1964 The Tribute

After a lifelong devotion to the Beatles and most of their solo careers, I finally managed to see a tribute band. Even though I saw tributes to other successful EMI acts, I had some reservations about this kind because of how big they were. Since 1964 the Tribute from Oklahoma were playing the state fair for a free show (with admission), I thought I'd try it once; also since no one else I liked were there this year.
The music critic from the paper didn't bother to come, as he isn't too big on tribute acts after slating one, so I'll have a go at it. He let me do a review of a Queen tribute and put it on his blog, but more on that later.
There were a lot of fairgoers of every living generation there. It was also over-60s day at the funfair, so many of those that were boomers came, as well as the Tom Brokaw generation, in addition to those who weren't even born when Messrs Lennon and/or Harrison were alive. Of course real fans came. I couldn't convince some to go with me, reasons ranging to schedules to being taken aback by someone else pretending to be John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
The show ranged from every vintage from late 1962 through 1966. Nothing after would work, even though competitors will do that and even some solo to boot like Rain. At first, I just looked briefly at the screen so not to kill the mystique, as the band members are ageing and have been at it as a group much longer than the real thing, which is always the case. Sometimes, the impersonations weren't perfect, but at least were still Northern. You have to forget that those were Yanks doing a Scouse take of what Shakespearean thespians or maybe Renaissance fair reenactors do so it's not like Madonna to put it that way! The gear and instruments were replicas of those used in those crazy days of screaming girls, press conferences, and hotel confinements. One can hear what's playing here. I wonder what the genuine article thought of this kind of thing. The missuses even. Apple's solicitors stopped Beatlemania! at first, but backed off later.
From "Please Please Me" to "Taxman", many favourites were revisited, along with some banter which did break the time warp so to speak, as "John" told everyone to get out their "pocket phones" for "In My Life". I tried filming that, but I'm no Dickie Lester! It wasn't the kind of show I would bootleg, so I'll order the album on emusic instead.
So Beatle people, do try it once to see if it does the boys justice. I feel this is living vicariously for both the players and fans. Still, it will never truly be the same.

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