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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ace of Base: New and Improved

Ace of Base

The wait is almost over! Ace of Base are back, but not quite what it seems. Jenny Berggren left last year for a solo career and her sister Linn hasn't been part of the band in seven years time, living a quiet life these days. Their brother Jonas and longtime partner Ulf Eckberg have brought in two new girls, Julia Williamson and Clara Hagman. At first, it was thought that a new group would be founded, but keeping the old name is a double-edged sword; going back to the old guard means easy acceptance, but on the other hand, some may miss the old lineup and think it's not the same. They have been reinvented for the 2010s I suppose.
The new album, The Golden Ratio, will be out soon. I hope it'll be released officially in the Americas, as that hadn't happened the last time at first, so I had to get an import of the last studio release Da Capo. Classic rock bands have been able to replace key members, so Europop shouldn't be that much different.
Jennys own album My Story should be out later this year, but you know what they say about the whole being better than the sum of the parts. The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet says she is against the name being used without her.
The first single from AOB's new record is "All for You" and for Jennys solo d├ębut "Here I Am".

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