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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ace of Base and ABBA: From Sweden with Love

Svenska flaggan

Here's an article 15 years in the making! Sweden's première pop supergroups ABBA and Ace of Base have been compared to each other since 1992. It just goes to show how much they have in common.

ABBA: Appeared at 1974 Eurovision festival.
AoB: Current member Clara Hagman on Svenska Idol last year.

ABBA: Agnetha Fältskog is the new Greta Garbo.
AoB: Former member Linn Berggren is the new Agnetha Fältskog.

ABBA: Once nominated for a Grammy.
AoB: So were AoB, but lost to multi-winner Sheryl Crow.

ABBA: Super Trouper sleeve and a couple videos shot a Swedish circus.
AoB: Jenny Berggren has song called "Living in a Circus".

ABBA: Signed to Polar Music. Catalogue owned by Universal.
AoB: "Decca-ed" by Polar Music. Signed to Universal in Europe outside Nordic countries.

ABBA: Two guys, one blonde, one brunette/redhead.
AoB: Two guys, one blonde, one brunette (then and now).

ABBA: Messrs Andersson and Ulvaeus return to UK #1 with West End divas in Chess.
AoB: Jonas Berggren and Ulf Eckberg discover barely legal girls through a demo and Idol.

ABBA: All four members had some solo or side career.
AoB: Jonas Berggren produced Yaki-Da, Jenny Berggren leaves for solo career.

ABBA: Had success in many countries, including the Iron Curtain.
AoB: Had success in many countries, playing ex-bloc countries.

ABBA: Only US #1 "Dancing Queen"
AoB: Only US #1 "The Sign".

ABBA: Numerous compilations since 1975.
AoB: Numerous compilations since 1999.

ABBA: Wrote English-language track with Neil Sedaka.
AoB: Recently met "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" crooner.

ABBA: Fältskog recorded two Diane Warren/Albert Hammond Snr. tracks on 1987 solo album.
AoB: "Don't Turn Around" from US duo, also sung by Aswad and Tina Turner.

ABBA: Fältskog had stalker ex from Nederland.
AoB: Had stalker fan from Deutschland.

ABBA: "The Name of the Game"
AoB: "What's the Name of the Game?"

ABBA: "Voulez-Vous"
AoB: "Voulez-Vous Danser".

ABBA: "Angeleyes".
AoB: "Angel Eyes".

There may be more, but then, it's cheap to compare, innit?

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