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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Japan with Love

Japan flag
The Land of the Rising Sun.

As many collectors know, Japanese import CDs will usually have additional tracks. This is because of the economy over in Japan. It is actually cheaper for shops there to import CDs from the west than from Tokyo, possibly because of the high taxes that finance the country's high standards. However, if it gets too much, its bad for the Nikkei. The economy there has been almost as shakey as in the States. Having rare songs on albums are an incentive for buyers. Not all Western acts are major successes in Japan, so often releases are exported and collectors will pay hundreds of yen or up to a hundred dollars for exclusive content, elaborate packaging, and high quality sound, given Japans reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology. South Korean imports and pirates from mainland China and Russia will also mirror these releases like a copy of Wetton Downes' Icon II: Rubicon that I ordered last year which had a bonus track I was dying for. Even EU editions can have more to offer than whats available in the Americas, but its usually Japan that cater best to diehard fans.  Some Western artists like Jaki Graham and Swing Out Sister have done better there at times than at home or in the US.
On the other hand, its frustrating not having the Holy Grail tracks. They can't always be found on mp3, even on a pirate site. You should avoid torrents. Try and support the band when you can, even if you order used.
If you love an artist enough, you'll be willing to save up and spend a few bob once in a while on a recent album in a version that puts the rest to shame.

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