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Monday, June 22, 2009

Paul McCartney - Citi Field - Queens, NYC 17 or 21/7

Paul McCartney's mini-tour is one of the summer's hottest tickets. He will play Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (instead of Toronto); Flushing, Queens, New York City (instead of Madison Square); Washington, D.C., and Boston, MA. I shall be going on 17 or 21 July at the Mets' new stadium off the #7 tube. I won't do the 18th 'cos it's a Saturday (unless there's no other choice), and weekend travel isn't quite as easy (though I did it within Upstate for Yes last November). Tuesday would be best 'cos it's cheaper to travel during the week, whether it's a bus, plane, or your own car. Also, NYC is remotely closer and more familiar to me and easier to navigate (though I know how to read maps). I've been 5-6 times so far.
Whilst I write this, I am frustrated trying to get just one ticket in my price range. I don't have anyone to go with this year. I did the last two times, but one's not up to it anymore, and the others are in another state now. I know one who might, but he may have other fish to fry (sorry, Paul!). Many tout sites (including eBay) make you buy $200 pairs. I'm on my own, so I would have to sell the other ticket to whoever sits next to me since the scalpers assume only couples go to shows. Single people like Paul too!
If anyone has a spare ticket just in case, please leave a comment and "We Can Work It Out" for a "Ticket to Ride"! I'm a "Day Tripper" (I'd like to be on a Greyhound in broad daylight)! Wish me luck!
UPDATE: I got the ticket now, but I don't wanna erase how I felt at the time.

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