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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Central New York Performing Arts Centre

I like to announce the founding of the Central New York Performing Arts Centre (CNYPAC). If Destiny USA don't go through with something of their own, I'd go public on a grand scale with the idea. It's just that I'm not fond of cameras, and I'm not even famous yet!
Deciding on a site depends on where all the people are. If much of the Carrier campus is empty with work outsourced to Mainland China (go fig!), I'd like to enquire about that. They already named the Dome at SU, of course. We don't have a large venue like the big cities. Even the Dome can't compete, though Old Man Boeheim has it half of the year anyway! I also have connections to someone in property, though it may cause conflict of interest and collusion (legalese!).
This would be on par with Finger Lakes CMAC out west and SPAC in Saratoga Springs. I don't have half the money to make the first move! Gotta win the lottery first!
This would prove to the LiveNations and Harvey Goldsmiths of the world that we are not just the provinces anymore! We need a Wembley or Madison Square of our own Upstate!
Maybe even build it at OCC, like CMAC at FLCC.
Doantions through PayPal can be found at my Ph.D. , Naked Eyes , and Buggles sites.

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