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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Twin - Yum Yum

Saved from emusic (album deleted)

The Twin is really none other than Boy George, with the most makeup he's ever worn! This album is reggaeton/dance hall/electronica/electroclash/whatever. A different animal from Culture Club ("This ain't the '80s, mate!", he says in one song), along with a mock-Rasta accent. One guilty pleasure on this set is "Fire Desire", a duet with electroclash duo Avenue D, who come off as a surrogate Li'l Kim and Foxy Brown. The lyrics are X certificate (calling Mary Whitehouse who he did get to meet)! I laughed when I first heard them! It can be embarrassing! There should be a Tipper Sticker on the cover! Boy's freakish clown look is clearly inspired by his late club friends Trojan and Leigh Bowery (who BG played in his Broadway flop Taboo), and has been copied in the gay clubs (as I saw in a local LGBT magazine). He brought it to VH1s I Love the '80s Strikes Back. It could be in a gay circus! "Here Comes the Girls Part 1" was already on another CD, so just Part 2 is here. If Boy can straighten out his latest legal mess, there should be another album and DJ tour soon (he's doing a regular tour, but he won't come Upstate [see earlier blogs], not even Ithaca).

This album is very rare on CD, but is still on itunes and amazon.


Travis said...

Hey there, thanks for leaving the message for me, on my blog. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this cd, but I haven't been able to track one down. I would love the mp3's. That would be awesome.

John Sposato said...

I'll take care of it when I get home. A little birthday for you as well. It'll come within 24 hours.
Also thanks for being the first to leave a comment on my blog.

Travis said...

Thanks John, that's great, I look forward to it. Thanks

John Sposato said...

Now I'd like the EP. Now that's rare!

Travis said...

Hi John, Thanks heaps for the link, I only just got around to downloading it. Can't wait to have a listen.

I don't have 'You Can Never Be Too Straight' it wasn't even released here! But George did do a DJ tour here last year, and I went to see him..... As good as I had expected!

I do have
Unrecoupable One Man Bandit, Vol.1, if you are interested, and don't have it.

Apart from that, I don't have any rare George recordings. I do have a couple of his DJ'ing cds.

If you are intereted, let me know.

Travis said...

Thank-you so much for UCNB2S, your a champion.

I noticed that on your Amazon page, you are chasing 'Despite Straight Lines' on vinyl. That's going to be rare, isn't it?. I'm assuming you have the CD? I have it if you don't.

I couldn't find anything on your pages that I would have, that you would be after...... but if anything comes up, let me know.

John Sposato said...

I have Maz as well. I managed to find that on an mp3 site. It would be nice to find the vinyl because I love my imports. Even the Twin was on limited edition vinyl. Wax is making a small comeback. Boy can't DJ with CDs and mp3s! He must use special needles for this turntables because I'd be afraid to scratch with my cheap player! Then again, he's not that kind of DJ.
I did make a couple mix CDs of rare tracks taken from a fan site that went 404 a couple years ago. Glad I did it when I had the chance.

Travis said...

I noticed that Maz has a Youtube channel. Have you seen it? I haven't subscribed, but it could be interesting.

I heard that George has been denied a visa for America, and that it has put his upcoming US tour on hold until it is sorted out. That sucks. It would be great if he comes out to Australia for a singing tour. He won't have any trouble getting a visa for here, we'll let anyone in!!

John Sposato said...

I heard it here first. Then i saw itr online. When it made my local paper, it was already a few days old, which shows how slow print is becoming compared to the Net.
Boy was able to come to Australia in 1988 after his run-in with the law a couple years earler. Maybe he will get to play Australia sooner and you can see him again.
Did you ever meet him? Did you get an autograph?