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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No Yes?!!!

I wanna see Yes again, but they're too far this year. I saw them at the NYS Fair in '04, but that might not work this time. I've looked into buses and trains to (I don't own a car) and lodging in Hershey, PA; Wantagh, NY (Jones Beach, Long Island), and Atlantic City, NJ (my grandmother said it's not safe at night). It's too expensive and complicated. The bad economy and gas prices are gonna effect the live scene. Even Paul McCartney at Madison Square in '05 had some empty seats way in the back near me.
If someone near me has a ticket to spare and is willing to bring me with them, there just may be a chance.

UPDATE!: The tour has been postponed until further notice (likely after the holidays). Jon Anderson is in hospital for respitory failure, and needs to rest. We love him and want him to get better, so we'll have to wait. Please send him your love on MySpace.
This article will stay to prove a point; that my region is derided by the promoters and bands for the metro areas. When things pick up for Yes, maybe there'll be more time to fit CNY in again.

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