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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reviews and ads

One thing the real Melody Maker was known for was want ads and reviews. I have reviews on, iTunes, emusic,, and other places. You can Google my name and you might find them. The emusic ones might be tricky, but my e-mail address might lead you to those. Use quotations for best results. If there are too many reviews for a certain album on amazon, or the album's a bootleg or officially out of print, it may show up here. Stay "tuned". However, I am no David Fricke, Neil Tennant, Frank Rich, Ron Sheffield, or Kurt Loder. I'm just like you. I also have a few things pop up here and there. It'd take too much time to get them all here. Also, for most of them, I legally gave them the rights to my reviews, so I couldn't put them here anyway. That's how it works to protect you and them.
As for ads, you can use the paper, Craig's List, MySpace, Goldmine, Rolling Stone, Facebook, Gumtree, Postaroo, local and national music and entertainment magazines and papers, the bulletin boards at shops, or wherever. Many bands and careers of yesteryear like Genesis and Kajagoogoo would not exist or be the same without MM ads. MM and NME merged, and Mojo will sometimes recall an MM article. To many people, it's like when Marshall-Fields became Macy's. It was heresy and treason!
I've only read a few articles of MM in my life, but I know it's had an impact.

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