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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Record stores

The indie (or chain) record store of old is a dying breed because everybody, even me, comes here online (this is the last one today; my arm hurts!).
The last full fledged one in Syracuse I fell out with before they pulled up stakes and went west. The Sound Garden in Armoury Square doesn't have used tapes and vinyl (some new Argentine CDs though). I get bored at the second-hand bookstore and fye. eBay and such are too easy! Some things can't be downloaded. I need more imports!
In the past few years, I've gone out of my way to Off-Centre in Utica, Last Unicorn in adjacent New Hartford (RIP), Last Vestige in Albany (see newer post), and Disc Go Round in Guilderland nearby. I just went to Pulaski where The Disc Connection is the last one standing in all of Oswego County. I was worried it was gone because they changed their number when I first called, and found the right one recently, saving a wasted trip. These stores appeal to hipsters and the middle aged alike. I'm not necessarily either! The owner prefers good ol' wax, but sells special things on eBay to turn a profit in his rather sleepy, provincial and sometimes snowy little town. Would Charles Kuralt have stopped by?
I know these stores are in and around New York City, and I couldn't find an indie close enough when I was there a few weeks ago (I did look some up). I saw one of our sort coming blocks from one in the Chinatown/Bowery wing with his labelled bag, but it was almost time to catch the charter bus home, so I didn't even bother to ask. At least I finally got to Virgin Megastore in Times Square! Maybe next time.
I know someone who could open such a place, but he's not up to it right now, so he just has an occasional yard sale or will do special orders. He'll also turn up at the semi-annual trade show at the Ramada Inn. I have my own fish to fry, so I can't do it either.
Remember to give love to your brick-and-mortar today!
There's an article in Syracuse New Times.

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