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Friday, June 13, 2008

Katy Perry - New artist of the year

I didn't think there'd be a major new artist good enough for me to write on, but I found one. Katy Perry, who's making waves with her quasi-LGBT hits "Ur So Gay" and the latest "I Kissed a Girl". I caught some of that last one on VH1 and thought it was hilarious. Parents are up in arms. She's gonna be around a while.
We do feel cheated with the new video because she doesn't actually kiss a girl on air. I see it all the time on Jerry Springer anyway, so it's nothing new.
Katy used to be a Christian artist named Katy Hudson, but now she's making Amy Grant sound like Vestal Goodman! This oughta get people here! With that early album, she might pull an Alanis and distance herself from it. Some might think she sold out and sold her soul to the devil, like my mama said! (The generation gap is alive and well forty years on!)
Katy Perry is the hottest thing from Santa Barbera since Santa Barbera!
Then again, she's tame compared to Avenue D!
She's even a Queen fan, which is good for me.
I heard of her when I had to go to the Capitol site. I saw her and just assumed she was another Lily Allen. Turns out that Katy's a different animal from her US stablemate.
One of the Boys is out 17 June.


Sharifa said...

awesome music blog!
katy is a force to be reckoned with.
Did you hear,lilly allen is jealous of all of her success.

John Sposato said...

Big surprise! Life is one big soap opera!
Lily needs to raise the price of poker and come out with something just as or more eyebrow-raising! Thank for writing!